Dealing With The Big Picture

Until now, disclosure of ESG performance takes place on a voluntary basis for shipping companies. However, recent initiatives and regulations are expected to establish a direct link of financing terms with ESG performance in the maritime industry and many key drivers are expected to accelerate this change in the shipping industry:
The Poseidon Principles
Sustainable Shipping finance
products and lending terms
The EU sustainable finance regulation


Corporate Financial Performance & Value Creation

Simultaneously, nine drivers of corporate financial performance and value creation have been identified that can be bolstered by sustainability strategies:
Operational Efficiency
Company resilience
Customer Sales & Loyalty
Stakeholder Engagement
Supplier Relations
Risk Management
Employee Relations
Media Coverage
Still however the effective implementation of any such ESG strategies requires the equally successful human performance. Company Culture is directly affected and a cultural transformation is inevitable.
The above elements constitute the main ESG issues that every company operating in the Shipping industry and any industry must address, irrespective of how progressed they are in each field.
Grow Maritime extends its services to measure the current status of a Shipping Company’s culture and to guide the Company through the path to performance with a resilient and revamped culture.

Our Competitive Edge

We bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in sustainable development paired with a deep understanding of the shipping and maritime sector providing a unique service offering that no other sustainability consulting company can match. This ensures the solutions we propose bring about positive change both internally and externally.
With decades of experience guiding businesses’ ESG programmes, we add value to your organisation by providing real know-how, experience and exploration of the newest trends and best practices in the field of ESG and sustainable development. We are here to support companies to analyse possible areas of action for improved ESG performance, develop, implement and regularly monitor ESG projects. These core values and activities can add real value to a business’ community, its brand awareness, and company culture.
Through a mutual partnership with us we can:
  • Improve relations with stakeholders
  • Achieve higher customer satisfaction/ loyalty
  • Attract talent and investors/ financing with more favourable terms
  • Better employee relations/ higher retention
  • Efficiency based improvements that drive profitability and help reduce costs in the long term
  • Build a positive image, brand and reputation
  • Improve performance
  • Enhance your sustainability / ESG credentials;
  • Reduce ESG risks in business operations and entire value chain


Sustainability is an organisational change issue. You can have the best plan in the world for your sustainability, but it can still fail if it is not effectively embedded into business priorities, processes, rewards and culture. We identify the essential elements of culture creation to drive meaningful sustainable change in your organisation. Regardless of whether you choose to work with us or not, remember that consultants are just a stop gap. The most meaningful effort happens inside your organisation with your own people.