ESG Readiness & Introduction



We have devised an accelerated approach to initially assess an organisation’s current sustainability framework and maturity level with regards to ESG. We aim to add value to organizations by proposing services that respond directly to their requirements. We have developed an easily accessible tool to analyse and rate an organization’s sustainable practices. It helps to jointly assess the status quo of sustainability readiness, identify gaps as well as opportunities, and develop appropriate responses to key challenges.



There are various ways a company can structure its sustainability governance. It is important to understand what dynamic would work well within a business and how we can help achieve the best governance structure to deliver results. Key considerations include the Board’s composition, roles and responsibilities, as well as related policies that need to be introduced. A top-down approach to sustainability and good governance is extremely important to ensure leadership buy-in, but is not effective if it is not supported bottom-up by a culture that revolves around ESG initiatives.



A clearly defined purpose will crystallise a company’s ambition and engage staff and stakeholders. We have helped many organisations establish their position and adjust their purpose to today’s changing landscape. We can help define an organisation’s purpose statement by embedding sustainability into its vision, mission and values, taking into consideration the leadership’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, its culture and growth strategy.



We can help define individual ESG strategies, along with ESG goals for the short and long term, A good ESG strategy provides the basis for all sound business decisions. It can build resilience, improve performance and meet high level strategic business objectives. The ESG strategy formulation includes specific goals on the material issues raised in the sustainability report. There is no one size fits all when it comes to ESG strategy, which takes careful consideration and planning by an expert.



ESG awareness and challenges have been gaining growing prominence at a global level. Within this evolving regulatory framework, all corporations need to adapt and comply accordingly. Alongside this, they must educate their employees to understand the importance of sustainability and be in a position to understand global developments, principles and practices; develop, report and communicate ESG policies to stakeholders; implement and evaluate action plans, and secure that compliance is achieved within applicable regulations.